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If you require an experienced and qualified company to carry out fire extinguisher commissioning in Colchester, M & G Fire Protection (Essex) Ltd can assist.

Fire extinguisher Commissioning is the initial service of checking and labelling your fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers do not come ready commissioned because they could be damaged, discharged or have lost pressure during delivery. Because of this, British Standard 5306-3 recommends that extinguishers are commissioned on-site by a competent person, like one of the professionals here at M&G Fire Protection (Essex) Ltd. We can carry our fire extinguisher commissioning in Colchester and surrounding areas, and have a team of fully qualified technicians to help you.

If you choose us to carry out your fire extinguisher commissioning in Colchester, one of our qualified engineers will commission your fire extinguishers at your site, label them and issue a certificate in accordance with BS5306.  Once this is completed, our expert technicians can install your equipment with minimum disruption to your business. Fire extinguisher installation is the wall hanging of your fire extinguishers as recommended height and location with the appropriate identification signs.