Types of Fire Dampers

Fire dampers are life saving pieces of equipment and a vital part of a building's fire safety

Once a Fire Damper is located then they may need to fit access doors to the ductwork to make them accessible for testing and cleaning in accordance with BESA’s TR-19 (an industry guide to good practice for internal cleanliness of ventilation systems).

Types of Fire Dampers

Typically there are two types of Fire Damper, which are classified as Mechanical or ‘E’ dampers that stop the spread of fire but don’t stop the spread of cold smoke and are unsuitable for escape routes and areas with a sleeping risk.

Both of these types of damper require the same annual maintenance and safety checks and even though the ES systems can be centrally controlled and managed by a Building Management System (BMS) and faults located. It’s only with a professional qualified ventilation ductwork maintenance operative to locate, visually inspect and carry out a physical drop test to ensure that each Fire Damper device is operating correctly and the internal cleanliness of the damper recorded (as heavy contamination of dirt and dust can prevent it fully closing allowing smoke and fire to pass) during an annual maintenance test or survey.

The ventilation operative will need access to the buildings technical drawings to see the accurate representation of a buildings ductwork design and to know the amount and location of where the Fire Dampers have been installed throughout your buildings.

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