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Fire and Smoke Dampers

M&G Fire Protection can maintain and install all makes and models of Fire and Smoke Dampers and also complete Fire Stopping works around the dampers to maintain the integrity.

Fire dampers are essentially fire safety metal curtain devices that fall within your buildings air ventilation ductwork systems in the event of a fire within a building.

They are designed to stop fire and smoke spreading through a building and are strategically positioned at various places where ductwork passes through fire compartment walls, floors or zones within a building.

They are life saving pieces of equipment and a vital part of a buildings fire safety, designed to help contain a fire within a certain zone for a period of time, so that a building can be evacuated and fire fighters can reach and concentrate their efforts on a blaze that has been kept within a contained area of the building.

Responsible for the fire safety in your building?

If a building is your responsibility then it’s important to note that British Standards 9999:2017 appendix W recommends that all fire damper types should be tested and inspected at regular intervals not exceeding 12 months. It’s important to you because should an employee or tenant die in a buildings fire where it is found that poorly maintained ductwork and fire dampers were the cause of these deaths then those responsible are liable to prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2007.

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Types of Fire Dampers

Typically there are two types of Fire Damper, which are classified as Mechanical or ‘E’ dampers that stop the spread of fire but don’t stop the spread of cold smoke and are unsuitable for escape routes and areas with a sleeping risk.


Operatives will then need to carry out an internal visual inspection of the dampers looking for…

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