M & G Fire Protection (Essex) Ltd can provide a maintenance plan to suit your company's requirements.

Under BS5306-3:2017 all extinguishers require an Annual Basic Service to be carried out on them by a competent qualified person.

In addition to this Basic Service, ALL extinguishers require either a periodic Extended Service or in the case of CO2 extinguishers a Periodic Overhaul. The Extended Service includes discharge testing and a more thorough examination, the overhauling of CO2 extinguishers involves the cylinder being shot blasted, hydraulically pressure tested, a new valve is fitted, refurbishment of the cylinder and then finally recharging.
There are two types of service agreement available from M & G Fire. The first is a Pay-as-you-go’ scenario which is the most commonly used (approx 95% of customers choose this method). The second option, the ‘All Inclusive’ contracts are popular with companies who need to provide accurate budget figures.


The agreement here covers only the Annual Basic Service, any additional work such as recharging, extended servicing or overhauling, replacement or additional extinguishers and spare parts are all chargeable items in addition to the service fee.

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