Determine how fire-safe your business is with these four questions

With so many fire safety rules and regulations to consider, implementing robust fire safety measures can seem complicated at first. Here are four questions to ask yourself to establish how safe your business is in the event of a fire. Have you conducted a comprehensive risk assessment?

  1. Do you have fire safety equipment, and does it work?

From fire extinguishers to dampers, there are several forms of fire safety equipment that every business is required to have.

You need a fire detection and warning system, with different detector types required for different types of buildings. You are also required to have extinguishers, sprinklers, and blankets.

Carry out frequent equipment checks to verify that:

  • All fire alarm systems, emergency lights, and fire extinguishers are operational
  • All system or equipment faults are documented.
  • Automatic fire doors close properly.
  1. Do employees understand their responsibilities of fire prevention?

There are several things that employees can do to reduce the danger of a fire at work, from not smoking indoors to using kitchen equipment safely. Ensure that all workers are aware of their obligations and do everything possible to make the workplace safe.

  1. Do your employees know what to do if a fire occurs?

Employees will understandably be distressed in the event of an emergency. Evacuating the building where they spend their weekdays seems like a simple task at first, but as panic sets in, individuals can freeze up and realise they don’t know what to do.

To avoid this, carry out regular fire drills and ensure that everyone takes them seriously. Keep track of the drill’s findings and any problems that emerge. For example, did anyone stop to collect their coat? Is there anyone who went to the toilet before leaving? Make a note. These activities might be fatal in the case of an actual fire.

  1. Is it easy to evacuate the building?

During a fire, escalators and elevators should be avoided. It’s essential that stairwells are accessible and that individuals in the building can find them. Visitors may struggle to locate the stairwells – even if your employees know where they are, you should ensure there are clear signs identifying the escape routes. Inspect all escape routes and exits for hazards that might delay people during an emergency.

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