Creating a Fire Evacuation Plan

Creating a Fire Evacuation Plan

When a fire breaks out there be can mass panic and confusion as to what to do, you may think it probably won’t happen and therefore not bother putting together a plan of action but if you don’t know what you are doing in the event of a fire, the repercussions could be catastrophic or even fatal.

It is crucial that you have a strategy in place for if a fire breaks out. Whereas a fire risk assessment helps you to maintain the correct standards and identify hazards a fire evacuation plan is essential to protecting lives when disaster strikes.

We will walk you through how to create an effective fire evacuation plan. For more information on fire risk assessments see here:


What is a fire evacuation plan?

A fire evacuation plan details the actions you need to take when a fire is detected on your premises. The plan should be easy to follow and understand.


What should be included?

A suitable fire detection system:

Those inside must be notified of a fire as soon as possible to do this you need a suitable fire detection system. There are many different types of fire alarm systems from simple to complex, you need one that is appropriate for your premises. Thankfully at M&G Fire Protection we can design and install a bespoke system that caters to your needs. Learn more about our services here:


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A designated person:

You should allocate a designated member of staff who is responsible for calling the fire brigade, this will clear up confusion as there is a single contact and so that emergency services are contacted as soon as possible. Furthermore, you are legally required to appoint a designated fire marshal or warden.

Fire Marshal:

a fire marshal is responsible for identifying hazards inside the building and during an evacuation is responsible for ensuring all people inside exit the building safely and as quickly as possible, they must also ensure the area around the burning building is safe.

Fire Warden:

A fire warden is a designated person whose responsibility it is to make sure that there is nobody still within the building, to do so the fire warden should complete a headcount to ensure everyone has exited the building.

Suitable escape routes:

Escape routes are needed for people inside the building to exit safely. You should take note of fire exits, staircases and emergency exits. The passageways to the exits should be left clear and easily accessible at all times. It is crucial that these escape routes are clearly marked so that is obvious to people how to escape the building. Furthermore, emergency doors should always be open for quick access in an emergency.

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Establish safe meeting points:

A meeting point must be chosen outside where people can gather at a safe distance from the building. This should be well organised so that a register of occupants can be taken to ensure everyone has safely exited the building and so no one is left behind. Employees/occupants should know where this is so, you should provide training and carry out fire drills to help employees learn what to do in any emergency. We can provide extensive training including Fire Marshall training.

Consider those with disabilities:

Check that your plan caters for everyone including those who may struggle to escape quickly such as those with disabilities, for example, those in wheelchairs, or people who are visually impaired, there could also be hidden disabilities. You should create personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) to make sure that plans are in place to evacuate those who will need assistance. This is especially important for hospitals or care homes. This is a step that must not be ignored.




A fire Evacuation plan should be used in conjunction with a fire risk assessment, you can learn more about those here:

If you have any questions or enquiries about fire evacuation plans you can speak to our expert team at 01376 519627.