Victoria Court Sanctuary

Built in the 1990s, Victoria Court is a purpose-built rental retirement property.



We were awarded the contract with a brief to bring the mechanical fire dampers up to the latest standards as the previous ones installed were faulty. While minimising the impact of the works on the residents, further project challenges included:

  • Limited Access to work areas.
  • Having to communicate the works with residents and staff.
  • Working with limited noise at arranged times.


Stretching some 15 years, our Lead Engineer, Andy, has extensive knowledge in the HVAC industry. Therefore, regardless of the challenges, we reassured our client that they were in good hands. 

Once the client signed the RAMS (risk assessment method statement), Andy began work on the project and swiftly picked up momentum by installing the new 200-diameter BSB FD Series fire dampers. Access was limited through the riser, making annual maintenance unsafe, so we agreed to access through a removable grille, which was installed on the tenant’s side.

All dampers we installed were independently supported, and the surrounding area was fire-sealed, making the compartment secure, 32 new BSB FD series dampers were correctly and efficiently installed.

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