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‘Tis the season for festive fire safety!

It’s that time of year to think about holiday fire safety. Christmas is a season when things can become hectic in commercial and residential settings, and is therefore also a time of increased fire hazards. Every year, Christmas trees and decorations cause fires that can potentially result in fatalities – candles have been known to […]
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How many fires were there in the UK last year?

The dangers of fires in the UK are obvious, but many of us think it will never happen to us. Your business is important for several reasons, which is why it is essential to take efforts to establish fire safety precautions. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the most recent official figures provided […]
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Fire Risk Assessments: Why and how they are completed

A crucial component of the “responsible person’s” job is to ensure that a fire risk assessment of your property has been completed. Conducting a thorough risk assessment and acting on the results can assist to decrease hazards, assure legal compliance, and perhaps save lives. Changes to your premises You will be permitted to make modifications […]
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